Clinical trials

We presently conduct clinical trials in the field of ophthalmology in partnership with pharmaceutical companies.

We create a company that:

  • is not afraid of complicated tests,
  • we are open to medical novelties,
  • we want to actively participate in the development of ophthalmology in Poland and in the world,
  • we want to gain new experience to better help and treat our patients.

A well-organized team of physicians-researchers, qualified nurses and well-organized and meticulous coordinators as well as professional and modern hardware provide us with the opportunity to gain experience and improve our work quality, thus ensuring the calm and safety of our patients during experimental therapy. Specialization in clinical research is one of our professional priorities. We therefore focus on the reliability of the collected data, properly managed medical records, and on the comfort of a patient being treated in our facility. Our medical appointments are both efficient and professional.

Please contact us about the clinical trials.

Ewa Chojnowska, Managing Director

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Retina Ophthalmological Outpatient Clinic and Hospital in Warsaw is a modern medical facility with an excellent and experienced team of specialized physicians – including pediatric ophthalmologists. Retina opened in 2004. Since that time we have performed over 10,000 eye surgeries, hundreds of angiographic tests and ultrasounds, and have had over 15,000 patients.

The name of our hospital comes from Greek. Retina is an inner coat of the eyeball responsible for vision. A Patients’ ability to see is the most important for us, ophthalmologists. Knowledge and many years of experience help our team to achieve that goal.

We are unique in our non-standard approach to eye diseases, innovative solutions and patient-friendly approach. Knowledge and experience are not enough and need to be supported by tests, which we perform on the most up-to-date equipment.

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