MD PhD Piotr Tesla

A microsurgeon with an extensive professional experience. Specializes in the surgery of retina, vitreous and cataract. He performs surgeries in treatments of: the yellow spot hole,
epithelial membrane, bleeding into vitreous, retinal detachment, vitreous degeneration, intraocular foreign body, lens dislocation or an artificial lens implant to the vitreous chamber, secondary implantation of artificial lens, cataract surgery. He also performs intravitreal injections and laser therapies. He is also very experienced in USG of the eye. He is a co-author (with Prof. Jerzy Szaflik MD) of the first text book published in Poland on the study of the visual field: “Perimetry” and a book “Glaucoma. Compendium of diagnosis and treatment.” (with Prof. Jacek J. Kański MD). He received numerous individual clinical trainings in England, Island and in Germany.

He spends his free time with family. He is a fan of biographical books. A bicycle is his main means of communication in Warsaw.