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Jesienna promocja

Salon optyczny ,,Lepszy Optyk” jest kolejnym projektem, którego współwłaścicielem jest dr n. med. Piotr Fryczkowski. Zapewniamy najlepszy dobór okularów.

Dlaczego nasz optyk jest „Lepszy”?

Bo po pierwsze:
w naszych szkłach stosujemy nowoczesną amerykańską technologię mGeek, która chroni oczy przed groźnym dla zdrowia światłem niebieskim. Na technologię mGeek mamy wyłączność nie tylko w Polsce, ale i w całej Europie.

A po drugie:
perfekcyjnie wykonujemy szkła okularowe w niecałe dwie godziny, a szkła progresywne w półtora dnia – chyba nikt w Polsce nie robi tego szybciej.

Innovative lenses with melanin in „Lepszy Optyk”  

In our optic store, apart from ordinary spectacle lenses, we also make innovative blue light protection lenses with melanin, using mGeek technology. We use melanin in regular corrective eyeglasses and also in sunglasses. Depending on the needs, we inject melanin of different pigment intensity into lenses to achieve the final result varying from very light yellow to dark brown.
Thanks to the mGeek technology our eyes are protected from blue light, and the lenses themselves are highly durable and resistant to any scratches or damage. What’s important: they can be worn by everyone, even children.

Pay us a visit! We are waiting for you in „Lepszy Optyk”!

In Lepszy Optyk you can make an appointment with an ophthalmologist who will perform basic diagnostic examination in a well-equipped office located in our premises. Then our certified optometrist and contactologist will select the best correction for your refractive error.

We are a specialized group of professionals who strive to make every client and patient feel comfortable. We have over 20 years of experience in the ophthalmology market, which enables us to efficiently and professionally guide both children and adults through the entire process of selecting corrective glasses, contact lenses and sunglasses. We also advise supplementation for the eyes, if necessary.

We are waiting for you with a large selection of frames, corrective lenses and sunglasses from various manufacturers.

Remember that your corrective eyeglasses will be ready within an hour and a half, and glasses with progressive lenses will be ready in just a day and a half!

For more information visit our website: www.lepszyoptyk.pl, or to visit our optic store at al. Jana Pawła II 61, lok 228  in Warsaw, where we will be pleased to welcome you in person.

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