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Retina Ophthalmological Outpatient Clinic and Hospital located in Warsaw is a modern medical facility. We have been operating in ophthalmology business for 20 years!

We provide a wide range of ophthalmology services for adults and children, from eye screening and diagnostic tests to advanced ophthalmic surgeries.

Surgical procedures at the Retina Ophthalmological Outpatient Clinic and Hospital are performed on an outpatient basis, which means that patients leave the center the same day, from several dozen minutes up to several hours after the surgery.

As an innovative facility, we employ a highly experienced team of ophthalmologists and ophthalmic surgeons, who are supported by a well-trained nursing team. Our entire medical staff regularly participate in various conferences, scientific symposia and training courses, not only in Poland but also abroad.

Our centre is fully equipped with highly specialized, top-notch medical equipment and innovative IT solutions. All this allows us to conduct our medical activity very efficiently, and to treat our patients quickly and painlessly, while maintaining a pleasant atmosphere and empathic approach.

We willingly share our professional experience by providing training for ophthalmologists from all over Poland. We organize one-to-one and group courses for young and experienced doctors who wish to improve their skills in ocular ultrasonography, OTC, eyelid surgery and more.

We also cooperate with numerous healthcare facilities in Poland and all over the world. We have many years of experience working with international companies in the field of clinical trials for the treatment of exudative AMD, glaucoma and Dry Eye Disease (DED). We support cancer centres in the management of oncological patients who need ophthalmic monitoring and/or treatment.

We are concerned about the plight of people in urgent need of help – as part of our charitable work we support various campaigns in our city and beyond, and we provide pro-bono screening for adults and children.

Our motto ‘It is better to see more’ expresses the great commitment of the entire Retina team to treating our patients.

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Our branch is located in the Żoliborz district of Warsaw. Here we operate the Electrophysiology Outpatient Clinic, the Strabismus Outpatient Clinic for children and adults, the Dry Eye Disease Outpatient Clinic and the Ophthalmological Outpatient Clinic for children and adults, where we perform diagnostic imaging and minor ophthalmological procedures.

Optic Store: Lepszy Optyk

The optic store is located in the Wola district of Warsaw. Lepszy Optyk is another project co-owned by Piotr Fryczkowski, MD, PhD.

We have more than 20 years’ experience in the ophthalmic market and can therefore efficiently and professionally guide both children and adults through the entire process of selecting corrective spectacles, contact lenses, sunglasses, and the right supplementation for healthy eyes.

Lepszy Optyk is a place where you can make an appointment with an ophthalmologist, who will perform basic diagnostic examination in a well-equipped office located on the premises.

Our certified optometrist and contactologist will fit eyeglasses and/or contact lenses to effectively correct your refractive error.

We also offer a wide selection of spectacle frames from various designers for both children and adults.

You can  register for a  optometric appointment in Registration Desk. 


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