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Medical consultation


At the Retina Ophthalmological Outpatient Clinic and Hospital is staffed by experienced paediatric ophthalmologists.

You can make an appointment for basic ophthalmic consultations, comprehensive examinations and diagnosis of visual disorders, amblyopia, refractive errors and myopia, and preventive check-ups. We treat strabismus in children and adults. We also offer lacrimal duct irrigation for children up to one year of age are.

We consult patients basically from the day they were born, and we always allow parents to be present during the examination. We place great emphasis on providing a friendly and safe atmosphere for children during examinations, so that the stress associated with the examination is as low as possible, and the consultation itself runs smoothly and produces the desired results.

If the ophthalmologist finds any abnormalities, a full eye examination is carried out after paralysing the accommodation of the eye, i.e. after dilating the pupil with mydriatic drops. This procedure allows for the refractive error to be accurately determined and, consequently, corrective spectacles can be correctly prescribed.

WE also employ an orthoptist and optometrist who will guide the young patient through all the necessary eye examinations in a friendly and gentle manner.

We also provide a full range of vision rehabilitation in combination with correction of refractive errors. Eyeglasses can be ordered in our optical store.