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Removal of a foreign body



A foreign body in the eye is a tiny object (e.g. a metal swarf, a splinter of glass or plastic, a grain of sand), which is most often located superficially in the conjunctival sac, eyelid or cornea. Its proper removal is very important, because when stuck in the eye it causes severe pain.

A foreign body left in the eye carries the risk of infection, contamination and even permanent vision impairment.

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How a foreign body enters the eye

Foreign bodies most often enter the eye from the atmosphere, where they just naturally float in the wind. They are usually little particles of various types (e.g. small insects, sand, construction dust, metal swarfs).

They are usually harmless when they locate themselves superficially (eyelids, conjunctival sac, cornea). It is much more dangerous when a foreign body penetrates into the deeper structures of the eyeball. This usually happens while chopping wood or forging metal or as a result of traffic accidents.

What are the symptoms of a foreign body in the eye?

Symptoms that suggest the presence of a foreign body in the eye can vary.

The most painful are foreign bodies placed superficially, e.g., under the eyelid. This is due to the fact that every time you blink, a foreign body rubs against the cornea. The cornea is highly innervated, so the patient experiences severe pain. Foreign bodies placed deeper, inside the eyeball, usually do not give pain. If the foreign body is located inside the eyeball or in the orbit, a surgical removal is necessary. The scope of the surgery is decided by the doctor after checking the exact location of the foreign body.