Our team / Monika Resiak-Hamerska, Msc

Monika Resiak-Hamerska, Msc


Ms Resiak-Hamerska holds a Bachelor’s degree in electroradiology from the Medical University of Gdansk, and a Master’s degree in electroradiology from the Karol Marcinkowski University of Medical Sciences in Poznan.

Ms Resiak-Hamerska has been a practising electrotadiologist since 2014. She specializes in  diagnostic tests: Computed Tomography, Classical Radiology, Dental Radiology and Densitometry. She gained her professional experience while working at the Diagnostic Centre in Warsaw, during training courses she took in diagnostics and radiation protection of the patient, and during her internship at the clinical hospitals in Gdansk and Poznan.

At the Retina Ophthalmological Hospital she is involved in performing diagnostic examinations of the eye, especially electrophysiology.

In her spare time she loves to travel and learn about new cultures and their cuisine.