Medical Tourism / Optical Showroom

Optical Showroom

  • We have a unique American technology Mgeek, that is why we can offer one of the best glasses protecting  your eye against blue light
  • We can design and make corrective glasses for you within one hour, progressive glasses within maximum two days.

    Of course, an appointment with a qualified optometrist or ophthalmologist is also available on site!

  • In our optical showroom  we also have a wide selection of frames and sunglasses.
  • We also select contact lenses and teach how to insert them.

It can be an interesting option for the person accompanying the patient, also for children who need glasses, for example, with certain eye defects (e.g. strabismus).

Mgeek Technology


The only lenses moulded from melanin – not just coated with less effective filters available on the market.

Mgeek is our new project inspired by the need to preserve well-being in our digital world.

We offer MELANIN MAX PROTECT lenses that are moulded from the highest quality melanin instead of just covered with less effective filters.

And yes – it’s definitely the breakthrough technology for computer glasses production.

If blue light protection is important for you – these are the only computer glasses you should consider buying.

mGeek was designed to offer the best optical parameters and the highest protection from the disrupting blue light.

The world’s first technology! 

MELANIN MAX PROTECT lenses moulded from melanin not just covered witness effective filters give you the highest parameters of:

  • filtering out harmful, high energy light from computers, electronics & the  sun
  • improving reading comfort
  • preserving colour
  • providing the viewer with increased contrast in vision
  • immediately relaxing the eyes for more comfort
  • eliminating eye strain
  • eliminating squinting
  • improving night driving
  • reducing the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration