Our team / Marcin Piosik, Msc

Marcin Piosik, Msc

Certified Optometrist, Contactologist

Certified Optometrist, Contactologist, Vision Therapist.

Mr Piosik holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Optometry from the Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw.

He specializes in prescribing and fitting corrective spectacles, binocular vision assessment and application of soft and hard mini-scleral lenses dedicated to patients with corneal cone, high astigmatism or Dry Eye Disease. Actually, the topic of his undergraduate thesis was the indication for mini-scleral lenses.

In addition to prescribing corrective spectacles and contact lenses, Mr Piosik also conducts vision therapy, which is a customized treatment program designed to improve and strengthen visual skills.

In his postgraduate thesis he focused on the optometric aspects and application of vision therapy in shooting. Optometric vision therapy exercises can be successfully used not only by people pracising shooting, it is effective for anyone doing any sport. Improved eye-hand coordination and reaction time, and widening of the visual field are just some of the positive effects of the methods used during the therapy. Mr Piosik works with shooters and active sportsmen, helping them select optimal refractive correction and develop visual functions, thus improving their performance. In addition, he is particularly interested in aspects related to the correlation between a properly functioning visual system and concentration, the ability to focus attention and effective learning, especially in children.